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At Silent Disco NOX you can rent professional silent disco equipment for your event. The headphones are suitable for both small and large events, such as a silent disco stage at a festival. Would you like to receive a quotation or ask a question? Get in touch through our contactform!

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1-24 pieces


25-49 pieces


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100+ pieces

All our prices include VAT.

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Our headphones

Our NOX-2 headphones are suitable for each type of event. Because quality is important to us, we have selected our headphones on the best sound quality. With these headphones, you can switch between three channels at the same time! There are lights on the ears that change colour and light up to the beat of the music.

The lights on our headphones changes between the colours cyan blue, pink and light yellow. At this time we are the only supplies in the Netherlands who offer this colour combination. 
We have made sure all our materials are practical and easy to use. 


Our transmitters

Our transmitters contain a built-in battery. Therefore, you don't need a power supply nearby, which makes the transmitter very mobile. The battery lasts up to 10 hours without recharging. The transmitter also comes with a microphone, which makes it easy to organise a silent disco sports session or lecture. This transmitter has a handy Bluetooth function, making it quick and easy to link a device. The range of the transmitter goed up to 300 to 400 metres.

Event support

Given our experience in event organisation, we can take care of (part of) the organisation of your event. We have organised silent disco events for children's birthday parties, student associations, weddings, festivals, and online livestreams. Contact us and together we will discuss the possibilities!

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