thuisfeestje silent disco

Frequently asked questions

The headphones come with a transmitter. You can connect this transmitter to a device, such as your laptop, phone or tablet. The sound from your device is then sent to the headphones. You can choose to put on a playlist or use a website like YouTube or Soundcloud. The transmitters also work with a DJ's mixing console.

Connecting the transmitters and headphones is easy. We have made a comprehensive manual which you can follow. In case you're struggling, you can always contact us.

At Silent Disco NOX, we have two types of transmitters. The transmitters that come with the home party packages have a maximum range of 200 to 300 metres. The transmitters that we supply for events have a range of 300 to 400 metres. If there are a lot of doors and walls in between the transmitters and headphones, the range may be slightly less.

Yes, it is possible to keep a silent disco coronaproof. For example, you can throw a party with your household and the maximum number of visitors allowed. You could also choose to stream the music and have an online party with a group of friends, company or student association at home. We make sure all our equipment is thoroughly disinfected when you receive it.

Silent Disco NOX always refers to the latest guidelines of the government and the RIVM.

In this day and age, an online silent disco is the ideal way to still have a party. You can do this by setting up a live stream with a DJ, or just use your own playlist. We can help with (part of) the organisation of your online or live event if required!

We certainly can! Silent Disco NOX is in contact with DJs who play various genres. Think disco, urban or hit songs, but if you're looking for techno or deep house, you have also come to the right place.

Our home party headphones have three different channels with the colours red, blue and green. Our event headphones change between the colours cyan blue, pink and light yellow. We are the only one in the Netherlands who offers this colour combination at this moment.

With us it isn't a problem to keep the headphones for multiple days. If you wish to use the headphones multiple times, you can rent a charger!