With this manual and the package we have provided, you have everything you need to start a party in your own living room. 
Your silent disco package contains the following:

  • The ordered amount of headhpones
  • Either 1, 2 or 3 transmitters for 1, 2 or 3 music channels
  • Power adapters for the transmitters
  • Connection cables
silent disco thuisbezorging

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Step 1: connecting the transmitters

Change the slider on the back of the transmitter to CH1.

Connect your device by plugging an adapter cable into AUDIO INPUT on the transmitter, and into your device on the other end. The easiest device to use is a laptop, but you can also use a smartphone or tablet. Make sure that the transmitter has an AUX connector. If your smartphone has a lightning connector, you will need an additional lightning to jack adapter piece to make the connection. 

Plug the adapter into the transmitter at DC12V (under AUDIO INPUT) and plug the adapter into a wall outlet. The blue light on the front of the transmitter will now light up. You can test the transmitter by playing some music from your device. If it's working properly, the lights on the front will start moving.

When connecting the second transmitter to a second device, repeat these steps, but change the slider on the back to CH3 instead of CH1.

If you also have a third transmitter, repeat these steps to connect a third device, but change the transmitter slider to CH2.

Step 2: connecting the devices

With device 1, access Spotify, YouTube or any other playlist or live stream. Through our Spotify account you have unlimited access to our NOX playlists.Here, you can listen to disco hits, twerk inducers, bangers from the 90's and 00's and much more!

If you have more than one transmitter, do the same on device 2 and device 3.

Step 3: connecting the headphones

The right side of the headphones can be recognised by the control buttons. Make sure when you're wearing the headphones, the side with the control buttons is on the right for the optimal sound experience.

Press and hold the TUNE/ON/OFF button for three seconds to switch the headphones on or off. When the headphones are on, the red POWER indicator lights up.

Move the volume button forwards or backwards to adjust the volume.

To switch to a different channel, click the TUNE/ON/OFF button once. 

The headphones' battery lasts 6 to 8 hours on average.

Disclaimer and help

The headphones are not resistant to high pressure or moisture. If after the rental periode damage is found, replacement costs will be charged. Also see our general terms and conditions.

If after installing at first you hear no music coming from the headphones, click the TUNE/ON/OFF button or try turning up the volume. Also check whether the sound of your device is turned on.

If the lights on the ears of the headphones are not on, you can turn them on by pressing on the volume button once.

Is something not working or do you have a question? Call us or send us a message on WhatsApp to 06-51592559!