terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable to all means of communication by S.A.M. Producties on behalf of Silent Disco NOX, for offers, invoices and agreements on our rentals, sales, products and services. S.A.M. Producties can always alter their terms and conditions, these alterations do not change existing promises and agreements. On offers, services, invoices and agreements, the Dutch Law is applicable. However, an exception is made if the client resides outside of the Netherlands. In this case the European Sales Treaty is applicable.

Cancellation period
In the case of a cancellation it is possible to cancel an order up to 36 hours in advance of the rental period. A cancellation within this 36-hour time period requires a reimbursement fee of 50% of the orderamount. This doesn’t apply on national holidays. On these days there is a different cancellation period: 48 hours in advance of the rental period. The rental period always starts at the agreed moment of delivery or pick-up. To pass down a cancellation the client has to call 06-51592559. Offers which haven’t been accepted can always be cancelled. When client places an order, S.A.M. Producties will always try to deliver. However, S.A.M. Producties is always dependent on current stock and availability for renting materials and/or delivering and picking up materials.

Private orders are always paid upfront, unless agreed otherwise. In the case of business orders, payment is always afterwards. S.A.M. Products never requires a deposit in any form, unless specifically mentioned. All prices, unless stated otherwise are per day and VAT included. In case of payment by invoice, Lumos Events maintains a payment period of 14 days, unless stated otherwise in writing. If the payment is not made within the 14 days, S.A.M. Producties will send a reminder. Declining the payment after this reminder will force S.A.M. Producties to take juridical measures.

If something is broken or there are parts missing, restitution is 100% for the customer and the following fees apply:

Standard headphone: €35,00
Event headphone: €45,00
Standard transmitter: €50,00 euro
Event transmitter: €175,00
Crate: €35,00
Cables: AUX-AUX: €5,00
AUX-Stereo: €5,00
Transmitter standard charger: €10,00 euro
Transmitter event charger: €15,00
Microphone for transmitter events: €15,00

State of the product
The customer is mandated to check all goods at arrival and pick-up. If something is not
working or is damaged, an employee of Silent Disco NOX/S.A.M. Producties should be notified instantly. In this way Lumos Events can solve the problem together with the customer. S.A.M. Producties will always provide a packing list upon delivery which is signed by both parties. It is not allowed for customers to solve any malfunctions or perform reparations on the products, unless stated otherwise in written evidence. It is also not allowed to put any stickers on the products or decorate them in any other way, costs of cleaning are paid for by the customer. If the damage during the rental period, replacement costs are 100% for the customer. In the case of any suspect or abuse of the products,

S.A.M. Producties has the right to reclaim all of products without rental restitution. Finally, it is not allowed to rent out any products to third parties unless stated otherwise in written evidence.

At time of delivery, it is expected that the customer themselves is present at the given address to receive the order within the agreed upon time slot. Besides that, the customer is expected to have the order neatly packed an ready for pick-up within the agreed upon pick-up time slot. If the customer resides in a flat or apartment building, the customer is expected to meet the Silent Disco NOX/S.A.M. Producties employee in front of the building to receive or hand in the order.

In case any of our products are confiscated by the police or a different party during the rental period, all costs resulting from this are for the customer. These costs are calculated by S.A.M. Producties.

If the company of our customer is declared bankrupt or in the case of a confiscation of any of our materials, the rental agreement will immediately be terminated and S.A.M. Producties is allowed to retrieve all owned products or other materials without judicial interference and with total cooperation of the renter.

From the moment an order is agreed in writing, full liability lies with the renter. From this moment on all prices are fixed (including graduated prices).

Damage to the equipment is accounted to the liability insurance of the renter.

S.A.M. Producties expects that all agreements about prices will be handled with discretion within the organization or by the customer.

Customer satisfaction
Customers always have the option to give feedback or to leave a review. Besides, it is possible to get in direct contact if there are any questions or complaints by the client. S.A.M. Producties will first try to solve any issue together with the client. If this doesn’t lead to a solution, then the client has the option to sign up the dispute for mediation via Stichting WebwinkelKeur (see: https://www.webwinkelkeur.nl/kennisbank/consumenten/geschil).

Since February 15th of 2016 it is also possible for clients within the EU to deliver complaints via the ODR-platform of the European Commission. This ODR-platform can be found on http”//ec.europa.eu/odr. When the complaint is not treated anywhere else, then the client is free to deposit the complaint via the platform of the European Union.

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